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February 2018
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CBT Time Extend & Patch Update Time: 2017-11-30 19:19

Dear players,

In order to adjust and optimize the Iron Sky game performance, the time of closed beta test will be extended.

We will perform a maintenance to update the new patch at 22: 00pm (CDT) on Nov 30, 2017, the maintenance will last for 2 hours and the server will be back online at 00:01am(CDT) on Dec 1, 2017.

Meanwhile we have also prepared CBT Server 2 for players to experience this new patch which will be open at the same time as Server 1 is back online.


Update & Optimization

1. Optimized Beginner's Quest: troop-drawing quest changed to a troop-building quest in Military Factory, and some other quests were optimized.

2. Adjusted the order of colony exploration so players from both fractions can fight in early stage.

3. Adjusted the setting of Mine Plunderer. This event now is opened more frequently, lasts for half an hour and gives better rewards.

4. Military Factory can now produce Repair Boxes for you to maintain troops in good condition in PVP battle.

5. Enhancing Lv 30 or above gear will consume Alloy.

6. Players can now scan NPC troops and raid them.

7. Added level requirements to unlock slots in Formation.

8. Added a new system to shift Crew's extra stats.


Iron Sky Operating Team

Nov 30, 2017