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February 2018
US Server:


Server Maintenance on Feb 7, 2018 Time: 2018-02-06 03:10

Dear players,

We will be performing a server maintenance at 01: 00am on Feb 7, 2018 (CDT), and the maintenace will last for about 1 hour. During the maintenace, you cannot log in the game, please log out in advance to avoid any loss. And please contact us if you have any problem after the maintenace.



1. Fixed the tourney troops bug and the bug that it won't add Honor after defeated NPC in Tourney

2. Updated Valentine's Day Event

3. Added random material box to the loot of raid and wipe out colonies

4. Build Troops(5) won't be displayed during the novice guide

5. Fixed the bug of Collect All

6. Adjusted the event time of New Server Event, it will show CDT time and won't differ according to the change of time zone

7. Optimized the PM chat and the chat color will differ according to different factions

8. Canceled the daily upper limit of getting Honor from Raid

9. Other optimizations


Iron Sky Operating Team

Feb 6, 2018